Transactional Analysis is a model of therapy which is widely used in the private sector. This was the model that I first trained in and it still influences my work. This therapy is based on the idea that we do not just have one fixed identity or ego state. Our minds in fact, are in a continuous and fluid oscillation between different ego states within our overall personality, dependent to some degree on the external circumstances in our life.

At a simple level this is best understood if we notice the subtle or not so subtle differences in how behave in different situations. For instance if you think about how you behave towards your boss, wife/husband, friends, colleagues etc, you will probably understand that different situations trigger different emotional states in you. It is usually the case that for all of us at different times, these ways of relating often seem to be beyond our control or are out of our awareness and cause us some discomfort. Transactional Analysis helps us to understand the multifaceted complex nature of what it means to be a human being, it allows us have more choice about how we want to be in any given situation and to take responsibility for how we behave.

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