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What is psychotherapy?
At its simplest level, psychotherapy is a conversation between two people. Clients explore any aspect of their emotional, cognitive and bodily experiences. This can often involve discussing painful experiences which disturb, frighten or overwhelm them and which they often cannot discuss with family or friends. The therapist in turn, based on his/her experience of being a therapist, the model of therapy they use, and their own deep and continuous commitment to their own personal development, may offer suggestions to the client to help them understand and reframe their experiences.

Which therapy should I chose?
The straightforward answer to this is to choose one that you are comfortable with and one which fits your style of thinking and worldview. The research on psychotherapy outcome studies has clearly established that no one model of psychotherapy is better than another and all have similar success rates. One of the conclusions drawn from this is that the therapeutic alliance or the therapist/client fit is one of the most important factors which results in change (see reference below). It is important to bear in mind, that when searching for a therapist, you find both a model/type or therapy and a therapist that you feel comfortable with.

Budd, R. & Hughes, I. (2009) The Dodo Bird Verdict—Controversial, Inevitable and
Important: A Commentary on 30 Years of Meta-Analyses. Clinical Psychology and
Psychotherapy, 16, 510–522.

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