Meeting Of Support Group

I am an experienced group therapist. For most people group therapy is more difficult than individual therapy. This is partly due to it being, on the whole, more challenging than individual therapy as the other group members will often be more challenging than what an individual therapist may be. That being said, people who have had group therapy often find it a very rewarding experience and often notice that they have achieved more change in their life than they achieved from previous individual treatments.

The group therapy I facilitate is process oriented and is aimed at what is happening in and between the group at any given moment. This is not to say that individuals cannot bring issues about their life outside of the group or from their past into the session, it just that the emphasis is always on what is happening on an emotional and psychological between the participants. The feedback I have received from participants over the years is that they notice they bring the more difficult, complex aspects of their personalities into the group, whilst at the same time they notice positive change in their lives outside of the group.

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